Chiropractic for Restored Health and Anti Aging? You Betcha!

Many people view Chiropractors as bone-crackers or back doctors.  A Chiropractor is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine who specializes in a non-surgical, drug-free approach to natural health.

Chiropractic has become America’s most popular form of alternative health care to more than 25 million patients annually!  Spinal health is an aspect of health that is often overlooked until we experience a problem with it, like a sore neck or back.  We have a billion + nerve pathways carried by the spine which may be the key to a wide range of health conditions such as arthritis, headaches, chronic fatigue, and digestive ailments. The spinal chord is the lifeline of the body and spinal health is about caring for the brain, spinal chord, and nervous system, as well as the health and wellbeing of all our body systems and parts.

The body has an innate ability to heal itself.  While there are many forms of Chiropractic treatment, Bio-Geometric Integration is a unique, innovative approach to Chiropractic that uses light touch and gentle structural adjustments to encourage the body to self-heal.  This relaxing holistic treatment allows the body to gradually release years of tension while restoring the body to maximum health and vibrancy!
I’m lucky … I have a Chiropractor in the family!   My sister, Dr. Elisabeth Schneider (aka Libby) is a Holistic Chiropractor who practices Bio-Geometric Integration in Lake Havasu, Arizona.  She wrote a very interesting and informative article on Bio-Geometric Integration and I’d like to share it with you!

“Understanding Bio-Geometric Integration”…

Have you ever heard that your biography becomes your biology?  The condition that your body is in now is the sum total of all that has occurred in your life coupled with how well you integrated it.  Tension is the result of stress that did not integrate, but stored.  The stress can be from physical, mental, emotional, and chemical trauma.  These  stresses that are not  integrated into your mind and body get stored as tension patterns that run throughout your body like ribbons running from head to toe, back to front, side to side.

 The results of this constricting process is…….

Increased tissue tone (denser, tighter, harder, less elasticity) Altered posture (tension pulls you out of your normal position)

Decreased circulation of blood, lymphatics, nerve tissue, and chi (life energy within the human body)

Accelerated degeneration of tissues and bones    

Altered body chemistry (distorted tissue makes distorted responses)

Decreased ability to cope, etc. etc. etc…

Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) provides a framework to read the body and follow the tension patterns.  Light contacts are made on the points where the tension patterns anchor into the body.  This process allows your brain to address that pattern, discharge the energy stuck in that pattern, so that it can finally resolve and integrate.  In computer terms it’s like hitting control, alt, delete on stuck programs.   Bio-Geometric Integration reverses the problems listed above in a very gentle relaxing manner.

Dr.  Elisabeth Schneider

Natural Skin Care Remedies for Sunburn Relief

I think we’ve all experienced the effects of a sunburn at some time or another in our lives.  And as you know, it can be VERY uncomfortable and painful!  And then as the burn starts to heal, the itching and peeling can drive you absolutely crazy! 

While it’s vital to your health to get 15-20 minutes of “unprotected” sun exposure daily for your body to produce Vitamin-D, it’s also important NOT to overdo it, as the sun causes premature wrinkling and puts you at a greater risk for skin cancer.

Did you know?  A bad childhood sunburn can actually lead to skin cancer thirty or more years later in life.  Anytime you get a sunburn, at any age, your risk of developing skin cancer goes up.  More than 90% of skin cancers are the result of too much sun exposure.

The BEST way to protect your skin from the sun is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher (applying every couple of hours), avoid the mid-day sun, and wear sun-protective clothing such as broad-rimmed hats.

But, When You Do Experience The Ravages Of The Sun’s Ultra-Violet (UV) Rays, These Natural Skin Care Remedies Can Provide Instant Pain And Itch Relief!

  • Milk Compress – Use cool compresses dipped in equal parts of cool water and whole milk and apply to the affected areas for 15-20 minutes; repeat every 2-4 hours.  Rinse milk off so you don’t smell sour!  It’s always best to use whole milk (not skim) as it’s the fat in the milk that soothes the burn.
  • Baking Soda – Fill a tub with tepid (lukewarm) water and dissolve 1 cup of baking soda in the bath and soak for 15-20 minutes.  No need to rinse, just air dry.  Baking soda helps skin retain moisture.  NOTE:  Always use cool or lukewarm water as HOT water will only exacerbate the pain of a sunburn!
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oils – Add 15-20 drops each of lavender and chamomile essential oils to a tub of cool water and soak for 10-15 minutes.  These healing aromatic essential oils help soothe the pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, and encourage skin repair.
  • Oatmeal Bath – Pour 1/2 cup of oatmeal into a tub of tepid water and soak for 15-20 minutes.  Rinse and air dry.  Oatmeal helps to avoid peeling and blistering.
  • Potato – Cut a potato into small chunks, grate or liquify in a blender and apply to the sunburned areas.  The starch in the potato helps to cool and soothe the burn.  Wait until the potato mixture dries and then rinse off with a cool shower.
  • Vinegar – Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water and apply to affected area with a cotton ball.  Or, put the vinegar/water concoction in a spray bottle and mist the sunburned areas.  Vinegar will help prevent blistering and peeling.  Let it dry.  Do Not Rub!!!
  • Aloe Vera – While it’s ok to use an aloe cream or ointment, it’s best to use the plant itself.  Break off a leaf from an aloe vera plant and rub the plants natural disifecting gel onto the burn.  Aloe vera is extremely healing and very effective in relieving pain, redness, itching, and inflammation.
  • Cucumber – Thinly slice fresh cold cucumber lengthwise and place slices over the burn.  Cucumber is very refreshing and soothing and relieves pain almost immediately while reducing the redness.  Cucumber works well for sensitive skin.
  • Tea – While most any kind of tea will help soothe the pain and itch associated with a sunburn – chamomile, green, black, white, peppermint, or spearmint work especially well!  Tea can be used several different ways to relieve a sunburn.  You can simply wet the tea bags and apply directly to the sunburned areas, or… another option is to make a pot of tea, let it cool, and apply to the skin with a compress.  NOTE: My favorite way, which is not only excellent for a sunburn, but is also a wonderful home-spa treatment that you can experience at anytime, is to pamper yourself by taking a relaxing herbal tea bath!  Just fill the tub with tepid water and throw in 3-4 bags of tea and a few drops of chamomile or lavender essential oils.  Tea contains tannins and powerful antioxidants that help with the healing process and is extremely beneficial and anti aging to the skin!

PLEASE NOTE:  These Skin Care Remedies work well for a mild sunburn.  But, if you overdo it and get too much sun exposure and experience dizziness, fainting, nausea, fever, or chills – Immediately Seek Medical Attention!

Things To Keep In Mind Concerning Household Remedies For Acne

Ever had the unsightly problem of acne on a regular basis, this can many times go a long way in making sure that a person has the results that are the best for them, this will many times take a person to the point of making sure that they are getting the best overall results that are possible. This will many times involve a person getting the most from household remedies for acne on a routine basis. Keeping these tips in mind will go a long way in helping a person.

The first thing is more of a common sense tip that needs to be looked at, this is due to the fact that many of the better tips will all start with the simple one of making sure that you face remains clean at all times, this in addition to the fact that these are often times as simple of taking the time to use soap and water in an effort to get the best overall results.

Many times the basic natural or home designed cure is a lot better in treating this condition than many of the expensive products that are on the market on a routine occurrence.

There are several minerals and vitamins that are an excellent way to keep this condition well under control to the point that this can be used on a regular basis to keep the condition from reappearing and causing a person some massive issues in the long run, this is one of the many things that needs to be kept in mind when dealing with this subject.

Vitamins A and E are essential things that can and will need to be used in order to get the best possible results for a person.

There are several vitamins on the market that are able to assist a person in their efforts of taking the acne fight and making an effort to win with a strong defensive effort. This will go a long way in ensuring that you are able to keep a persons acne under control to the point that they are able to get the best overall results that can many times allow for a persons self confidence to be a lot higher.

Zinc is a mineral that can go a long way in making it a point that the person is able to get the best desired results that they are seeking out in a large number of different ways. The use of this will be one of the better household remedies for acne that you will be able to get on the market.

Home remedies for acne is many times looked upon as being one of the optimal methods that a person is able to use in the end to get the looks that they will be proud of for a long time in the future. This will be one of the biggest things that will need to be looked at on a routine occurrence.

How To Isolate The Best Acne Treatments

In your search to find the best acne treatment strategy you should know that the primary factors for that acne could have been building for a long period of time.

The main reason this is significant is due to the fact that halting acne can take weeks to achieve and any acne treatment course claiming instantaneous outcomes is most likely at the scam end of the scale.

Similarly, any acne treatment regimen that tackles acne purely by treating your skin is also extremely ill-informed and will only bring about disappointment.

Acne without doubt shows itself on the skin nonetheless the root cause of acne is absolutely not the skin itself. Just washing, scrubbing and generally banging away at the skin can basically be deemed as a therapy for symptoms, not causes.

It is largely this all round concentration on the skin by acne care programs that helps make selecting an effective program appear difficult with a huge selection of solutions available which seem to be offering the same thing.

Naturally most of the people being affected by an episode of acne are frantically seeking some type of treatment technique that will deal with the acne right away! It is this stress and anxiety that the skin based acne treatment programs are seeking to benefit from.

This is a bizarre circumstance since the facts are that any acne remedy that is concerned entirely with the skin can do only three things. It will reduce the quantities of bacteria on the skin, clear the pores and skin of undesirable oil and remove dead skin cells or dirt.

What it cannot do is reply to or help with the issue as to why nearly all people have no problem fighting off the acne bacteria which is present on everybody but the acne sufferer is unable to.

In addition, it does not focus on why the person with acne is putting out an excessive amount of oil in the first place or precisely why that persons pores are so liable to clogging due to excess sebum and dead skin cells.

The real concern here is that none of the acne options which deal with the skin pay attention to the actual cause of acne breakouts. Just about all they do is aim to tackle the results and by virtue of that they are only efficient on very mild cases.

This is identical to someone claiming to cure a cold. The truth is there is no cure to a cold. Nobody has created a cure to destroy the virus that triggers them.

You are able to take medications to curb the cough, a second to dry out your nose, one more to help ease chest congestion and yet another to reduce your body temperature. The notable point is that none of them are actually curing your cold.

The good thing is that in relation to acne there is a detected origin or group of sources which produce acne and which can be dealt with safely and effectively.

The first idea in determining the most effective acne treatment technique is ensuring it is not simply just another skincare system. Next check to see that the routine is set up to actually find out the true causes of your acne and can supply a course of action you can actually carry out to systematically deal with those causes.